• Mike Wech


    Whether you are a Fortune 500 company looking for a creative way to move your products, a television network or film studio ready to launch you next franchise or a streaming media provider, you need creative ideas and the right team to bring your project to life.


    For the last 25 years, Mike Wech has helped production companies, producers, networks and studios bring their ideas to life. As a writer, director, producer, camera operator editor, post-production supervisor, colorist and sound designer, Mike has vast experience in every media department. This kind of knowledge is vital in bringing a project together on time, on budget and with excellence.


    Mike has crews available in Los Angeles, Miami, Houston and Atlanta and can provide everything you need to go from conception to completion on a project or he can jump in wherever you need the help, whether it's with his camera, his pen or his editing. With a vast network of talent, facilities and vendors willing to work with Mike at favorable rates, he can make sure your budget gets the most bang for the buck. Mike also has a network of vendors for finishing, deliverables and distribution of your project.


    It Doesn't Matter Where You Are Now, It Matters How You Finish.

    Whatever Stage You're At, Mike Will Make Your Project Better.

    Pre-Production, Production, Post-Production

    Taking an idea from concept to completion is always a challenge. Sometimes what you envisioned for the project is not what you are looking at or you're not sure of the best way to get there. Mike has been called into hundreds of projects to troubleshoot and get the most out of the production. From script doctoring and consultation to a final editing polish, from stepping in mid-production to help things run smoother, to putting out major fires Mike can help you achieve the dream you set out to accomplish. But the best way to work with Mike is to start in pre-production so he can map out the plan and assemble or manage the team that will get the most from your project.

    I've had the opportunity to gain a lot of valuable experiences working in every department for a number of years. This gives me a keen insight into how to come up with solutions to get a project where it needs to be.

    Feel free to call me or email me for a consultation on your project.


    It took over 25 years of hard work, constant learning and on the job experience to master all of these skills.


    Writer (Comedy-Drama-TV-Film-Corporate)

    Producer (Creative and Executive Producer)

    Director (Film, TV, Industrial, Music Video)

    Editor (Avid, Premiere, Final Cut X)

    Motion Graphics and Graphic Artist (Adobe Photoshop, After FX, Boris)

    Post-Production Supervisor-Post Producer (Feature Films, TV Series)

    Colorist (Avid, Adobe Lumetri, DaVinci)

    Sound Designer-Music Supervisor

    Camera Operator (Sony, RED, Panasonic, Canon)

    Technical Director- Live Events and Multi-Camera Production

    Voice Over Talent, Actor and Singer


    Click on the link to see Video Samples from a few of the projects I worked on:: SAMPLES

    Here is my reel sampling some of my work.

    Certain Film and TV shows contain copyright protection and are available via request and appear on streaming channels internationally.


    Over the past 25 years I have worked on feature films, television series, documentaries, music videos, industrials, for Fortune 500 companies, government projects, comedy shows, live events, concerts and stage shows.

    "DRUG WARS" Seasons 4 & 5

    Now Airing" on Fusion TV

    Show Runner

    (Writer-Producer-Director-Camera Operator-Editor-Colorist-Sound Design)


    Season 5 of Drug Wars takes us to the US/Mexico border for special operations. Mike Wech had the unique opportunity to take on multiple responsibilities as the show runner for Season 5 of Drug Wars. With his boots on the ground while operating camera and directing the crew, Mike guided the production getting into the heart of the action tracking down drug, weapons and human trafficking.


    In post-production, Mike was able to deliver the goods as the lead writer and lead editor, sound designer and colorist, establishing both the look and feel for the program as it has continues to be Fusion's #1 show.


    Mike came on to Drug Wars in Season 4 as the lead editor and writer, before being promoted to show runner in season 5, delivering 24 episodes to the network.



    Project One Films

    Editor/Post Production Supervisor

    "The Exodus of Charlie Wright" feature film starring Andy Garcia, Aidan Quinn, Gina Gershon, Luke Goss, Mario Van Peebles and Danny Pino.


    Watch on Amazon

    Burns Family Studios



    Editor for Feature Film "Beyond The Mask," starring John Rhys Davies, Andrew Cheney and Kara Kilmer, directed by Chad Burns.


    Watch on Amazon

    Project One Films

    DIT Tech, On-Set Editor, Script Supervisor

    "Dead Drop" starring Luke Goss, Nestor Carbonell and Cole Hauser, directed by R. Ellis Frazier


    Watch on Amazon



    Behind The Scenes Special Features

    Watch on Amazon

    SDS Productions

    Additional Editor

    "Warning Shot" feature film starring David Spade, James Earl Jones, Tammy Blanchard, Guillermo Diaz, Bruce Dern and Frank Whaley.

    Responsible for finishing edit bringing the film to picture lock.


    Watch Trailer

    Watch on Amazon

    Parelli Natural Horsemanship

    Editor-Post Production Supervisor-Colorist

    "The Horseman's Apprentice" airing on RFD-TV and worldwide.

    Season 1- 12 episodes

    Editor for multiple DVD product series.


    Watch on The Wrangler Network and RFD TV

    Kappa Studios


    "Good Samaritan's" syndicated TV Series (NBC) 6 Episodes

    Grammy's International Broadcast

    Man Vs Machine TV Series

    Freelance Editor for various in-house clients

    M2 Pictures


    FBI Criminal Pursuit on Discovery Investigation

    Watch on The Discovery Channel


    Reminiscent Films


    Editor, Motion Graphics

    "Mother of Normandy" a feature documentary film which premiered in Normandy France as part of the anniversary of the Normandy Invasion. Finalist- Best Film at the GI Film Festival.

    Ingram Studios

    Editor, Post Production Coordinator, Actor

    Short Film "Broken" with cinematographer Paulo Cascio, Director Patrick Ingram.

    Ruthless Records

    Backroom Entertainment


    “Somos Mar Y Arena” - music video featuring Agina Alverez and Mana.

    DesertRock Entertainment

    Editor/Segment Producer/Graphic Artist/Assistant Director

    Responsibilities included Motion and Still Graphics creation, Segment Producing, First Assistant Director, scheduling and editing for “Quest” (TV Pilot) “Supermen On Ice” “Holiday On Ice” (ABC SPORTS) Pistol Pete (FOX College Sports.) Corporate clients include: Raytheon, Taco Bell, IHOP, Harmon Audio.

    Lionheart Movies

    Editor/Post Production Supervisor/Cinematographer

    Co-editor and post production supervisor for the feature film South Dakota. http:/www.southdakotathemovie.com

    Some of my responsibilities include digitizing masters, creating setup and edit workflow for film editing, visual effects compositing, supervision of film output, coordinating post production workflow, dvd and blu-ray compression, authoring, screening masters, dialogue and sound editing and prep for OMF. S Directing technical operations for our post production offices. I am also the camera operator/ director of photography for the documentary feature film set to accompany the theatrical release. In addition, I edited the film trailer and promos.

    Llewellyn Films


    EDITOR- “The Moment After 2 – The Awakening” (Feature Film.)




    “The Moment After - Behind The Scenes” DVD Feature.


    “It’s Supernatural” (television series)


    “Baz Rutton” MMA Infomercial.


    Plus many, many more...

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